Defend the Universe against the invasion of the Polyhegrams

A Unique 3-Dimensional Word Puzzle Game

Spin 3D shapes to form words, solve puzzles and compete!

Please let me know if you encounter any other problems at the following address or use the feedback in the game.

[email protected]

Thank you

So what is a Polyhegram [Paw-lee-he-gram]?

Imagine taking ordinary word puzzles and wrapping them around 3D dice-shaped polyhedrons. Add in a futuristic story complete with some gorgeous graphics, include multiplayer games and head to head challenges.
 Sounds like FUN!!
Where can I get this?


Download for Windows Phone 7/8

Download for Windows 8

Coming Soon to iPhone and iPad

This game is a culmination of far-too many late nights designing, developing and drawing during my spare time. It has been the repository for all my creativity since I started this project well over a year ago. My greatest hope is that my effort can be appreciated and enjoyed by puzzle and word enthusiasts the world over. Please visit my Facebook page, follow this project on Twitter, or even send me an email directly via the Contact page.  Finally, if you have an interest in developing, check out my Blog which contains all the details of my trials and tribulations since I started this game.

  • Quryegram
  • Serchegram
  • Live Tile
    Live Tile
  • Main Menu
    Main Menu
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