Defend the Universe against the invasion of the Polyhegrams


LateNight Apps is really just one guy(I'm on the right). I do all the programming, sound editing, graphics editing, designing, networking, testing and now marketing and publishing. Although I have worked on other titles, this is my first solo game.


During development Polyhegrams was selected as an AppCampus app (a Nokia, Microsoft and Aalto University collaboration) and I had the opportunity to spend a week and a half in Finland learning all that I could about the nuances of app design and marketing. As a result the game, which was supposed to come out at the end of May, was slightly delayed but it eventually was released at the end of August.


The end goal, and ultimate reason for this delay was, and is, that I truly want the experience of the game to be the best possible. Since that date I have spent countless hours improving and evolving the game play with new puzzle types, power ups and improvements to the control of the Polyhegrams. I still might not be there for some people but I definitely am getting closer every day.


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Additional Credits

Do to the near-overwhelming work of putting together this project I have utilized the work of a couple of artists.

Matt McFarland - McFarland Beatz

Artwork (5 of the level backgrounds)
Elizabeth Wright - Wright Design Choice

Check out more of their work by following the links above.


Currently the game has multiplayer , head to head , single player and practice modes offering a variety of puzzles that share a common theme.  Essentially a "Polyhegram" is a creature that looks like a polyhedron(dice-shaped) but instead of numbers, has a single letter on each of its faces.
 The Polyhegram allows you to spin it in order to bring faces to the front where you can see them. You then can tap any of the visible faces to select it which starts building a word. Continuing on you must rotate and then select additional faces(letters) that are adjacent to the previous face(letter) that was tapped. Eventually you will spell out the word that solves the puzzle.  Some Polyhegrams have many words on their faces and some have only 1 word that you have to find. PiP, your helper will try and offer you tips at the beginning of play to guide you in what you have to do.
Single player or story mode challenges you with multiple game styles for each level. Each level is centered around a planet in your neck of the galaxy that has been captured by these Polyhegrams. In order to rescue the planet you must defeat the variety of Polyhegrams that are defending it.
  Some Polyhegrams merely need the answer to a riddle to be tapped onto their lettered surface whereas others require you to wear down your opponent; keep the planetary shield open for a period of time by either finding as many words on its surface or by spelling out successive words on progressively more complex polyhedron forms.

As you capture more planets the puzzles become harder and new variants begin to appear which keeps the game fresh and entertaining.
Multiplayer mode challenges you to find as many unique, 3 letter or longer, words on a 12 or 20 sided Polyhegram. The difference is that you are competing with many other players across the globe who are working on the exact same puzzle. As you play the game you will see your relative position in the standings shown by PiP's position at the top. If you are winning then he will be far to the right. At the end you can see how well you did, both in how many words you found out of how many were there and also how well you did versus everyone else.

Statistics and personal bests are retained so that you can observe your progress as you become more proficient at finding words.
 Head to Head game mode is now complete and will allow you to challenge a friend or a worthy competitor from around the globe to a friendly game of Polyhegram tug-of-war. Each of you is presented with the same Polyhegram puzzle(s) to solve and after each successful guess you pull PiP(your friendly helper) a little closer to your side. This continues until you, or your adversary, manages to pull him completely to one side. The game will indicate to both players who is currently winning in order to encourage the other player to up their game. Of course for competitors that are truly equal in skill there will be an option to cede the victory. But I doubt anyone would use that feature ;o)

The more victories you rack up the higher your rank becomes on the global leaderboard!

Thank you for visiting my website and learning all about my game.


Rob Currie (Developer/Artist/Producer etc.)

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